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A New Era in Infographics – don’t miss


If you haven’t already seen this incredibly well-produced and interesting video about the new infographics era, then it’s time for you to do so.

This YouTube-clip is part #4 of a larger complex of videos about Journalism in the Age of Data.

The man behind the production is Geoff McGhee who has been working with online graphics for New York Times and Le Monde before spending a fellowship at Stanford University researching and producing this report.

If you look closely you’ll even see this very site being featured, when the discussion is about the sexy box-office-streamgraph produced by New York Times.

You can see the rest of the report here at the Stanford website. The site holds 54 minutes of content, but you’ll probably want more when it’s over. If so – well – you can always join in at the next Malofiej Conference in March 2011.