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Álvaro Valiño from Publico – the leftist paper with an appetite for medals


Álvaro Valiño, Graphics Director at Público, started out with some background on his young and leftwinged paper. The graphics department at the paper is made up of young people, and they spend a lot of time working, and feel like a family there.

And quite succesful they are. The paper is growing and they’re making money (although I guess making money isn’t the measure of succes, when you’re leftwinged). Still, the money comes in handy, when you need the resources to innovate and take on interesting projects.

Most awarded printed paper in the contest
After the all Malofiej-medals were announced Alvaro tweeted, that his paper got 20 medals, and therefore is now the most awarded printed paper in the world. Congratulations.

What is the secret ingredient? Alvaro told about some of the projects,and it looks to me, as the extraordinary thing that makes the difference is the way the infographics people are part of the story all the way from the beginning – if not producing it themselves.

Appearance on national television
The ‘Frescograma’-collection, which got a gold medal, even had a special guest-appearance in a popular show on national television. Glad to notice, that I wasn’t the only one who looked at the rucksack-drawing like this – when you saw it from afar on the screen, and couldn’t read the text, there really was no doubt. Did you see it too?