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Another Airbus, flight IY626, crashes near Comoros.

Photo: Wikimedia / Aleks B.

Photo: Wikimedia / Aleks B.

Reports are solid now about another airplane going down. It’s the second time in this month, where a major aircrash involves a lot of french people, so it will raise speculations.

Miraculously we hear about a child being rescued. That will of course be the main story tomorrow – and the media with pictures of that child will get a lot of attention. The miracle-baby story will probably be so big, that explanations and infographics won’t be as important as we saw it when we had the AF447 crash veiled in mystery.

Anyway – we need to show the readers how Comoros Islands look and where they are located. The island has a big volcano in the middle, so landing in the night (local time 01:50) is notoriously difficult.

And if we can get more info about the last minutes of the Airbus’ flight, that will absolutely be worth a graphic too. First reports speaks of an aborted approach first – then a U-turn and then the failed approach.

Do we need the specific details about the Airbus310? Maybe it will make sense to compare it with the 320, which is still clear in the mind of the readers?

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