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Best Dutch Infographics in 2010

The awards for best static infographic and best dynamic infographic made in the Netherlands in 2010 were handed out at the recent IC11. Flowers, applause and 2500 euros were given to the people behind each project.

In the static category we saw a graphic about the landscape of Holland take the prize. Made with more than 400 photographs taken on the highway between Amsterdam and Utrecht. I think the pictures show more green than grey, and as such contradicts the idea, that Holland is just one large city-area where the boundaries between cities have disappeared. It is made by Remy Jon-Ming, and published in Financieele Dagblad.

The dynamic – or animated – winner, was one in a series of tv-shorts for Dutch television. Created by Wouter Kroese and Subsoda, the winning entry tells a two-minute story about hunger. And people at the conference especially seemed to like the controversial ending, where you see a dying child and several crosses.

Both of the pricewinners were present at the conference attended by no less than 380 people, so they received a large and welldeserved applause. Btw. – It’s amazing to get such a large audience to attend an infographics conference. There is even room for a bit more, the organizers revealed, as the main room has a balcony, which wasn’t filled this year.