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Can’t stop loving you – Malofiej 2014


MALOFIEJ 22 was probably placed a couple of weeks later in March to make sure, we would get good weather in Pamplona this year after last years snowstorm. Fail! It snowed again on arrival day.

But as always we were more interested in the presentations than the snow – although the weather is an easier topic to discuss in the bar, when the music is pounding.

Good thing then, that we have a small group of participants, who also enjoy meeting each day and talk about what we have learned from the presentations. In general we were rather positive about this years line-up too.

A FEW POINTS: The room is not well suited for a presenter and the organisers, who insist on turning the light down, doesn’t help at all. Creatives are not meant to hide behind their screen in a dark room, while they give a talk – take note, please.

Also this year we saw a couple of presentations, which were ok and well done, but somehow felt tailored for another audience. Some of the lower scores came out to play here.

If you want to join the fun and the ratings next year, you’re invited to do so. The bigger the dataset the bigger the insights – right?