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Selected Category: 3D-graphics


Baidu beats Google when it comes to mapping

Have you ever played SimCity – or if you’re younger, CityVille on Facebook – and wondered what it might look like to have a real city depicted in simstyle?


Famous Picasso-painting, Guernica, as a 3D-model

How about taking one of the most famous paintings in the history and recreate it as a 3D-sculpture?


The Death of Nodar Kumaritashvili in closeup

We can’t leave the emotional topics for everyone else in the news-industry and sit back drawing pretty vectors.


Tiger Woods chased by his wife in Animated News from Apple Daily

Isn’t it just what newspapers are looking for in this time of crisis?


El Pais wins the challenge of AF447 graphics

With the two best graphics in the AF447-gallery made by El Pais and another taking fourth place, it’s pretty straightforward to declare El Pais the overall winner.


3D-mapping at Time Magazine

Ten years of maps at Time Magazine