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Selected Category: Books


The World Reduced To Infographics – review

It’s David McCandless Light, the obvious spin-off to Information is Beautiful, – not as well-designed, not as important


Visual Complexity, Mapping Patterns of Information – A Review

‘Centralized Ring’, ‘Circled Globe’, ‘Circular Ties’, ‘Elliptical Implosions’, ‘Radial Convergence’, ‘Radial Implosion’, ‘Scaling Circles’, ‘Segmented Radial Convergence’ … See?


Representation and Misrepresentation: Tufte and the Morton Thiokol Engineers on the Challenger

From the paper: ‘Tufte has taken, as it were, a God’s eye view of the data, faulting the engineers for providing only a few temperature data points …’


Infographics and Literature

Do you have the book that successfully combines Literature and Infographics?

Scott McCloud uses his comics talent to help the Chrome Team spread the word about why the Chrome browser is technically superior to other browsers

Can browser-technology be explained in speech balloons?

What happens when a famous cartoonist is hired to tell you complicated tech-stuff?