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Enough with the non-factual Breaking News Graphics

‘So here, with the assistance of some of the most creative, most reliable visual journalists in the world, is our checklist for infographics:’


Osama Bin Ladens Death in Infographics – Gallery

Working with Breaking News is like a glassblower, where you’ll blow life into your material while it’s molten and constantly changing.


Visualizing the Fukushima Nuclear Plant Catastrophe

If you have any information, you could share to make the infographics depicting this event better, please don’t hesitate to do so.


The Death of Nodar Kumaritashvili in closeup

We can’t leave the emotional topics for everyone else in the news-industry and sit back drawing pretty vectors.


Tiger Woods chased by his wife in Animated News from Apple Daily

Isn’t it just what newspapers are looking for in this time of crisis?

Photo: Wikimedia / Aleks B.

Another Airbus, flight IY626, crashes near Comoros.

The miracle-baby story will probably be so big, that explanations and infographics won’t be important