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Malofiej 2015 – Should a presenter be trained?

One of the youngest presenters did the best job – the future of conferences looks bright after all

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10 reasons this infographic might not be the best in the world

This graphic is supposedly the best infographic produced by any news organization in the entire year of 2013. Come play judge …

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Can’t stop loving you – Malofiej 2014

Creatives are not meant to hide behind their screen in a dark room, while they give a talk – take note, please.

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Malofiej 2013 – Quality of Speaking

This year saw an impressive line-up of speakers with a lot of interesting things to show and talk about.


Malofiej 2012 presentations – Who was the hottest?

Congratulations to the people behind the conference for selecting such a capable group of speakers


This is the greatest and best artist and infographic in the world – Tribute.

The organizers behind the Malofiej-conference has a special idea for the 20th anniversary.


The programme is ready for Malofiej 20

It’s the twentieth anniversary, and perhaps that is why the programme is released exceptionally early.


Graphic News in London celebrated their 20th anniversary in style

Upon arrival I was impressed with the number of attendees to such a firm-based event. I didn’t count us all, but would estimate 70-80 in the room.


Infographics and the Brain – Stephen Few

MALOFIEJ 2011. ‘The sad reality is, that most of the graphs that are printed today in the world do not work as effectively as those pioneering efforts of William Playfair long ago’


Simplicity, Depth, Context and Memorability – Alberto Cairo

MALOFIEJ 2011. We’re Information Engineers, because what we produce are tools – tools of understanding.


Same Principles – Different Forms, John Grimwade

MALOFIEJ 2011. Even if the iPad is coming hard on the infographics world, it will still be about the content, if you want to be succesful


Malofiej19 (2011) – the program is ready

MALOFIEJ 2011. We’re getting really close to leaving for Spain, and so it is with great pleasure that I found my continuous clicking into fruitful at last. The program is ready.


Best Dutch Infographics in 2010

Flowers, applause and 2500 euros were given to the people behind each project