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10 reasons this infographic might not be the best in the world

This graphic is supposedly the best infographic produced by any news organization in the entire year of 2013. Come play judge …

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Very complex complexity in graphics – sexy too?

From Russia comes some of the most beautiful visualizations, I have ever seen. But what do they mean?


The Death of Datavisualization in the News

No longer will it be enough to execute graphics with a certain wow-factor and then hope for the best.


The Aesthetics of Conversations – Paolo Ciuccarelli

MALOFIEJ 19. ‘Even if we have the perfect set of data, we should learn from people in social science. They know that numbers and figures will never really represent the phenomenon we’re looking at’


Students are not prepared for datavisualizations

It is quite common for students to see ‘design research’ as a trip to the library to look for rare patterns or visual devices


Exoplanet Atlas full of errors

Three designers and three researchers worked on the project for nine months doing 26 drafts, and yet it takes only a very simple check-up to realize, that this Atlas is not to be trusted


A New Era in Infographics – don’t miss

If you haven’t already seen this incredibly well-produced and interesting video about the new infographics era, then it’s time for you to do so.

wikileaks_traffic’s Cablegate documents will be big business for everyone involved

What happens when everyone can read about some leaked classified documents, but can’t actually get to the source – yet? The traffic keeps building for everyone involved.


Amanda Cox in Denmark for New Media Days

If you want to see a presentation by one of the best practitioners (and thinkers) in the data-visualization field, then spend an hour in the company of Amanda Cox from The New York Times


Another beautiful infographic with glaring errors goes viral

Three errors and a weird round-off separates this graphic from being, what it claims to be: ‘The Science behind Wikipedia’s Jimmy Appeal’


The next big thing in infographics – five criterias and a solution

Yes – Let’s go all the way, and get a competition running to produce the best infographic-related image with this tool