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10 reasons this infographic might not be the best in the world

This graphic is supposedly the best infographic produced by any news organization in the entire year of 2013. Come play judge …

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Can’t stop loving you – Malofiej 2014

Creatives are not meant to hide behind their screen in a dark room, while they give a talk – take note, please.

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The programme is ready for Malofiej 20

It’s the twentieth anniversary, and perhaps that is why the programme is released exceptionally early.


Crimescene Infographic – How was Ötzi killed?

I wouldn’t mind to see such infographic treatment spread from magazines and into newspapers. But where will the limit be?


Advice from a successful infographic salesperson – let the fight begin

The author with the advice is Amy Balliett. She is not a household name on the infographics scene, but perhaps she will be or should be.


Infographics could change your political views

Yes indeed – the ‘Graph Treatment’ shows a dramatic effect, when it comes to efficiency in rooting out wrong opinions that goes directly against the actual facts.


Enough with the non-factual Breaking News Graphics

‘So here, with the assistance of some of the most creative, most reliable visual journalists in the world, is our checklist for infographics:’


Osama Bin Ladens Death in Infographics – Gallery

Working with Breaking News is like a glassblower, where you’ll blow life into your material while it’s molten and constantly changing.


The Death of Datavisualization in the News

No longer will it be enough to execute graphics with a certain wow-factor and then hope for the best.


USA rules the infographic world

MALOFIEJ 19. Congratulations – and to the rest of the world: ‘Get to work this year …’


Representation and Misrepresentation: Tufte and the Morton Thiokol Engineers on the Challenger

From the paper: ‘Tufte has taken, as it were, a God’s eye view of the data, faulting the engineers for providing only a few temperature data points …’


Exoplanet Atlas full of errors

Three designers and three researchers worked on the project for nine months doing 26 drafts, and yet it takes only a very simple check-up to realize, that this Atlas is not to be trusted


Baidu beats Google when it comes to mapping

Have you ever played SimCity – or if you’re younger, CityVille on Facebook – and wondered what it might look like to have a real city depicted in simstyle?


Another beautiful infographic with glaring errors goes viral

Three errors and a weird round-off separates this graphic from being, what it claims to be: ‘The Science behind Wikipedia’s Jimmy Appeal’


How to show the International Trade … Not!

Innovative, maybe – but it’s inaccurate – and you have no idea, when you see this tangled web


Make it online and wait a year to win the Malofiej Best of Show

What we have here is a graphic that has moved from bronze to Best of Show by going online and waiting a bit


Hannah Fairfield speaks to the crowd

– ‘We’re inventors – we’re creators. And that’s the most important thing about what we do. And I think we should welcome failure every once in a while’


The future of magazines and infographics on iPad

Really rough sketches and ideas, but still a fantastic voyage into the future and the features


‘One of the worst graphics the New York Times have published – ever!’

It’s not personal taste – it is science, cognitive psychology, that tells us that the brain can’t handle overly complex graphics


H1N1-graphics: How to wash your hands (surprise!)

Let’s see … How tough is the concept of washing your hands?


Infographics and Literature

Do you have the book that successfully combines Literature and Infographics?


All hail the Black Box from a crashed airplane

Absolute Faith in Technology is important in this Civilized World.


Air France AF447 crash – Infographics Gallery

30+ graphics about the AF447 disaster. Sorted in order by how good they are.


Too sexy for its own good? Ebb and Flow At the Box Office

At the Malofiej Awards all the judges loved this piece of art. Do you agree it’s the best infographic of the year?