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Lisa Simpson doing a blowjob or a hidden Jewish message in london 2012?

The International Olympic Committee confirms they have received a letter from Tehran, where Iran threatens to order their athletes to stay away from the London 2012


Color of the year as predicted by Pantone – Honeysuckle

If you’re a designer it’s time to get #45b8AC, Turquoise, out of your system and move on


The next big thing in infographics – five criterias and a solution

Yes – Let’s go all the way, and get a competition running to produce the best infographic-related image with this tool


Álvaro Valiño from Publico – the leftist paper with an appetite for medals

The graphics department at the paper is made up of young people, who spend a lot of time working and they feel like a family there


-‘I’m a visual junkie – an infographics Nerd’. Meet the best infographic artist in the world

Thomas Molén is open for all kind of different methods to tell the story


Do you want the truth or something beautiful?

Paloma Faith is clearly questioning the use of circles, when you want to show the truth – she even wears a pie chart for a hat


It’s snowing in Pamplona

Show this to your boss and family, who might suspect you went to Pamplona to live on infographics, red wine and sunshine all week


Visual Journalism for your ears in New York Times

Well then – hit the play button, and now you can hear just how close the athletes is finishing in some of the tight events in the Olympics. Each dot gives out a tone …


Famous Picasso-painting, Guernica, as a 3D-model

How about taking one of the most famous paintings in the history and recreate it as a 3D-sculpture?


Care to explain how a Mega Shark can take a Boeing 747 down?

Better be a bit careful with the shark attack possibility in your graphics the next time a plane disappears over the ocean.


H1N1-graphics: How to wash your hands (surprise!)

Let’s see … How tough is the concept of washing your hands?


Total Eclipse of the Heart – the flowchart

Now – that song is partly responsible for the life I have today 😉


New York Times shows how you spent your time in 2008

In case you’ve forgot how you or your neighbour spent your hours last year, you can see it in this interactive


After the earthquake in Italy we see concentric circles in the news again

Remember it’s the graphic shapes being made fun of – not the dead people


Clean up the world – make infographics

The Swiss Ursus Wehrli had enough of the unstructured chaos and decided to make cleaner versions of well-known art


The cool Malofiej-poster went on the floor

The Transit Map was mysteriously rearranged before hitting the floor at the conference