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10 reasons this infographic might not be the best in the world

This graphic is supposedly the best infographic produced by any news organization in the entire year of 2013. Come play judge …

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Crimescene Infographic – How was Ötzi killed?

I wouldn’t mind to see such infographic treatment spread from magazines and into newspapers. But where will the limit be?


Print or online? One masterpiece and one screw-up

Final Verdict – The (xxx) version is a masterpiece of visual journalism, which leaves the role of the screw-up to the (xxx) version.


Advice from a successful infographic salesperson – let the fight begin

The author with the advice is Amy Balliett. She is not a household name on the infographics scene, but perhaps she will be or should be.


Infographics could change your political views

Yes indeed – the ‘Graph Treatment’ shows a dramatic effect, when it comes to efficiency in rooting out wrong opinions that goes directly against the actual facts.


Enough with the non-factual Breaking News Graphics

‘So here, with the assistance of some of the most creative, most reliable visual journalists in the world, is our checklist for infographics:’


The Aesthetics of Conversations – Paolo Ciuccarelli

MALOFIEJ 19. ‘Even if we have the perfect set of data, we should learn from people in social science. They know that numbers and figures will never really represent the phenomenon we’re looking at’


Representation and Misrepresentation: Tufte and the Morton Thiokol Engineers on the Challenger

From the paper: ‘Tufte has taken, as it were, a God’s eye view of the data, faulting the engineers for providing only a few temperature data points …’


Students are not prepared for datavisualizations

It is quite common for students to see ‘design research’ as a trip to the library to look for rare patterns or visual devices


Color of the year as predicted by Pantone – Honeysuckle

If you’re a designer it’s time to get #45b8AC, Turquoise, out of your system and move on


A New Era in Infographics – don’t miss

If you haven’t already seen this incredibly well-produced and interesting video about the new infographics era, then it’s time for you to do so.


Do you want the truth or something beautiful?

Paloma Faith is clearly questioning the use of circles, when you want to show the truth – she even wears a pie chart for a hat


‘One of the worst graphics the New York Times have published – ever!’

It’s not personal taste – it is science, cognitive psychology, that tells us that the brain can’t handle overly complex graphics


Infographics and Literature

Do you have the book that successfully combines Literature and Infographics?


Ethics in Visual Journalism

What can be shown in a photo? Infographic artists face the same dilemma when doing violent infographics.


Infographic lessons from the Society of News Design in Buenos Aires

‘Keep it simple’ said Nigel Holmes – ‘Use a pencil’ said Kris Viesselmann – ‘Focus on the content’ Karl Gude said – ‘Keep it simple’ said Alberto Cairo again


All hail the Black Box from a crashed airplane

Absolute Faith in Technology is important in this Civilized World.


Who, what, where, when, how, why?

Could the faster online newscycle lead to infographics getting a new role in the coverage of violent events?


Clean up the world – make infographics

The Swiss Ursus Wehrli had enough of the unstructured chaos and decided to make cleaner versions of well-known art