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10 reasons this infographic might not be the best in the world

This graphic is supposedly the best infographic produced by any news organization in the entire year of 2013. Come play judge …

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Crimescene Infographic – How was Ötzi killed?

I wouldn’t mind to see such infographic treatment spread from magazines and into newspapers. But where will the limit be?


Print or online? One masterpiece and one screw-up

Final Verdict – The (xxx) version is a masterpiece of visual journalism, which leaves the role of the screw-up to the (xxx) version.


The barchart that doesn’t explain anything and isn’t news

If I tried to sell this line-up of data obtained between 1989 and 2009 to explain what takes place in 2011, I would get kicked some place nonpleasant.


The World Reduced To Infographics – review

It’s David McCandless Light, the obvious spin-off to Information is Beautiful, – not as well-designed, not as important


Advice from a successful infographic salesperson – let the fight begin

The author with the advice is Amy Balliett. She is not a household name on the infographics scene, but perhaps she will be or should be.


Osama Bin Ladens Death in Infographics – Gallery

Working with Breaking News is like a glassblower, where you’ll blow life into your material while it’s molten and constantly changing.


Visualizing the Fukushima Nuclear Plant Catastrophe

If you have any information, you could share to make the infographics depicting this event better, please don’t hesitate to do so.


Exoplanet Atlas full of errors

Three designers and three researchers worked on the project for nine months doing 26 drafts, and yet it takes only a very simple check-up to realize, that this Atlas is not to be trusted


David Macedo – Visual Member #200

There has to be tremendous power in being able to contact each other so easily


Another beautiful infographic with glaring errors goes viral

Three errors and a weird round-off separates this graphic from being, what it claims to be: ‘The Science behind Wikipedia’s Jimmy Appeal’


Álvaro Valiño from Publico – the leftist paper with an appetite for medals

The graphics department at the paper is made up of young people, who spend a lot of time working and they feel like a family there


How to show the International Trade … Not!

Innovative, maybe – but it’s inaccurate – and you have no idea, when you see this tangled web


National Geographic makes the graphics noone else can afford

The creation of ‘Wilma the Neanderthal’ is just such a no-efforts-spared-project, which no other magazine in the world could produce. You can make your own guess about the expenses


‘One of the worst graphics the New York Times have published – ever!’

It’s not personal taste – it is science, cognitive psychology, that tells us that the brain can’t handle overly complex graphics


Sports infographics – is it a dead category?

There is not much new thinking in a category, which traditionally draws a lot of entries.


Care to explain how a Mega Shark can take a Boeing 747 down?

Better be a bit careful with the shark attack possibility in your graphics the next time a plane disappears over the ocean.


H1N1-graphics: How to wash your hands (surprise!)

Let’s see … How tough is the concept of washing your hands?


Infographic lessons from the Society of News Design in Buenos Aires

‘Keep it simple’ said Nigel Holmes – ‘Use a pencil’ said Kris Viesselmann – ‘Focus on the content’ Karl Gude said – ‘Keep it simple’ said Alberto Cairo again


Total Eclipse of the Heart – the flowchart

Now – that song is partly responsible for the life I have today 😉

Photo: Wikimedia / Aleks B.

Another Airbus, flight IY626, crashes near Comoros.

The miracle-baby story will probably be so big, that explanations and infographics won’t be important


El Pais wins the challenge of AF447 graphics

With the two best graphics in the AF447-gallery made by El Pais and another taking fourth place, it’s pretty straightforward to declare El Pais the overall winner.


Air France AF447 crash – Infographics Gallery

30+ graphics about the AF447 disaster. Sorted in order by how good they are.


AF447 Airbus 330 crashed in the Atlantic – Infographics

228 people have lost their lives in this tragic accident, which we don’t know much about yet. But still we must report what we do know