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Selected Category: Graphics


Swine flu explained in graphics – collection

The finest selection of Swine Flu graphics – bring your own


Earthquake graphics can be emotional too

Stories of death and miraculous survival. Can the fact-driven infographics artists learn anything from this?


Too sexy for its own good? Ebb and Flow At the Box Office

At the Malofiej Awards all the judges loved this piece of art. Do you agree it’s the best infographic of the year?


New York Times sweeps the Malofiej Awards

The graph visualizing the Ebb and Flow of Movies 1986-2008 was awarded Best of Show/Peter Sullivan Award

Scott McCloud uses his comics talent to help the Chrome Team spread the word about why the Chrome browser is technically superior to other browsers

Can browser-technology be explained in speech balloons?

What happens when a famous cartoonist is hired to tell you complicated tech-stuff?