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Selected Category: Inspiration


Crimescene Infographic – How was Ötzi killed?

I wouldn’t mind to see such infographic treatment spread from magazines and into newspapers. But where will the limit be?


Print or online? One masterpiece and one screw-up

Final Verdict – The (xxx) version is a masterpiece of visual journalism, which leaves the role of the screw-up to the (xxx) version.


The World Reduced To Infographics – review

It’s David McCandless Light, the obvious spin-off to Information is Beautiful, – not as well-designed, not as important


Advice from a successful infographic salesperson – let the fight begin

The author with the advice is Amy Balliett. She is not a household name on the infographics scene, but perhaps she will be or should be.


Very complex complexity in graphics – sexy too?

From Russia comes some of the most beautiful visualizations, I have ever seen. But what do they mean?


Graphic News in London celebrated their 20th anniversary in style

Upon arrival I was impressed with the number of attendees to such a firm-based event. I didn’t count us all, but would estimate 70-80 in the room.


Infographics could change your political views

Yes indeed – the ‘Graph Treatment’ shows a dramatic effect, when it comes to efficiency in rooting out wrong opinions that goes directly against the actual facts.


Osama Bin Ladens Death in Infographics – Gallery

Working with Breaking News is like a glassblower, where you’ll blow life into your material while it’s molten and constantly changing.


Moviebarcodes – How many insights do you get from them?

As the creator wouldn’t reveal name, occupation or process to create these images, it all seems a bit shady


Free Visual Language for everyone – the nounproject

This imaginative project has set out to become an ‘Online library consisting of the highly recognizable symbols, that form the worlds visual language’.


Infographics Conference in March #1

The theme for the conference IC11 is ‘Inside Infographics’.


Color of the year as predicted by Pantone – Honeysuckle

If you’re a designer it’s time to get #45b8AC, Turquoise, out of your system and move on


A New Era in Infographics – don’t miss

If you haven’t already seen this incredibly well-produced and interesting video about the new infographics era, then it’s time for you to do so.


Baidu beats Google when it comes to mapping

Have you ever played SimCity – or if you’re younger, CityVille on Facebook – and wondered what it might look like to have a real city depicted in simstyle?


Amanda Cox in Denmark for New Media Days

If you want to see a presentation by one of the best practitioners (and thinkers) in the data-visualization field, then spend an hour in the company of Amanda Cox from The New York Times


‘There are millions of clients out there’

You will even make your editor-in-chief happy, because he can sell your infographic services to clients in order to pay for the news


The next big thing in infographics – five criterias and a solution

Yes – Let’s go all the way, and get a competition running to produce the best infographic-related image with this tool


Hannah Fairfield speaks to the crowd

– ‘We’re inventors – we’re creators. And that’s the most important thing about what we do. And I think we should welcome failure every once in a while’


National Geographic makes the graphics noone else can afford

The creation of ‘Wilma the Neanderthal’ is just such a no-efforts-spared-project, which no other magazine in the world could produce. You can make your own guess about the expenses


Do you want the truth or something beautiful?

Paloma Faith is clearly questioning the use of circles, when you want to show the truth – she even wears a pie chart for a hat


The future of magazines and infographics on iPad

Really rough sketches and ideas, but still a fantastic voyage into the future and the features


Visual Journalism for your ears in New York Times

Well then – hit the play button, and now you can hear just how close the athletes is finishing in some of the tight events in the Olympics. Each dot gives out a tone …


Overused trend in newspaper design and infographics?

The judges at the Society of News Design 31 spotted a widespread trend in the many submissions from this year and even gave it a name: BARN = Big-Ass Red Numbers


Famous Picasso-painting, Guernica, as a 3D-model

How about taking one of the most famous paintings in the history and recreate it as a 3D-sculpture?