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Selected Category: Inspiration


Malofiej 18 is coming

We might get a party going, and it will be just awesome to meet up with you all


Tiger Woods chased by his wife in Animated News from Apple Daily

Isn’t it just what newspapers are looking for in this time of crisis?


H1N1-graphics: How to wash your hands (surprise!)

Let’s see … How tough is the concept of washing your hands?


Infographics and Literature

Do you have the book that successfully combines Literature and Infographics?


Bring Your Own graphics and illustrations to

Did you notice the feature implemented on this site?


Total Eclipse of the Heart – the flowchart

Now – that song is partly responsible for the life I have today 😉


All hail the Black Box from a crashed airplane

Absolute Faith in Technology is important in this Civilized World.


Swine flu explained in graphics – collection

The finest selection of Swine Flu graphics – bring your own


Clean up the world – make infographics

The Swiss Ursus Wehrli had enough of the unstructured chaos and decided to make cleaner versions of well-known art