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Malofiej 26 – the year the women took over the stage

The Malofiej Infographic conference has historically been dominated by male speakers. Then one year you might see more female speakers and then the next year you see fewer again – nothing really changes. Until this year … Time was up …

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Malofiej25 – Tom Giratikanon was a hit

Once again it was one of the young presenters at the Malofiej conference, who outshined the elder and more experienced guys and gals.

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Malofiej 2015 – Should a presenter be trained?

One of the youngest presenters did the best job – the future of conferences looks bright after all

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10 reasons this infographic might not be the best in the world

This graphic is supposedly the best infographic produced by any news organization in the entire year of 2013. Come play judge …

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Can’t stop loving you – Malofiej 2014

Creatives are not meant to hide behind their screen in a dark room, while they give a talk – take note, please.

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Malofiej 2013 – Quality of Speaking

This year saw an impressive line-up of speakers with a lot of interesting things to show and talk about.


Malofiej 2012 presentations – Who was the hottest?

Congratulations to the people behind the conference for selecting such a capable group of speakers


This is the greatest and best artist and infographic in the world – Tribute.

The organizers behind the Malofiej-conference has a special idea for the 20th anniversary.


The programme is ready for Malofiej 20

It’s the twentieth anniversary, and perhaps that is why the programme is released exceptionally early.


The Death of Datavisualization in the News

No longer will it be enough to execute graphics with a certain wow-factor and then hope for the best.


The Aesthetics of Conversations – Paolo Ciuccarelli

MALOFIEJ 19. ‘Even if we have the perfect set of data, we should learn from people in social science. They know that numbers and figures will never really represent the phenomenon we’re looking at’


USA rules the infographic world

MALOFIEJ 19. Congratulations – and to the rest of the world: ‘Get to work this year …’


Details about the Malofiej19 Golden Graphics in Print

MALOFIEJ 19. When you have seen this video, you’ll realize that the judges this year were really into white paper


New York Times and National Geographic splits the Best of Show

Malofiej 19. The two US-publications really split the entire Malofiej-competition between them and the rest of the world.


Infographics and the Brain – Stephen Few

MALOFIEJ 2011. ‘The sad reality is, that most of the graphs that are printed today in the world do not work as effectively as those pioneering efforts of William Playfair long ago’


Simplicity, Depth, Context and Memorability – Alberto Cairo

MALOFIEJ 2011. We’re Information Engineers, because what we produce are tools – tools of understanding.


Same Principles – Different Forms, John Grimwade

MALOFIEJ 2011. Even if the iPad is coming hard on the infographics world, it will still be about the content, if you want to be succesful


Judges at work – President of the jury elected

MALOFIEJ 2011. I did hear an interesting proposal this year. Why not let go of the categories and simply choose the 100 best graphics entered?


Malofiej Workshop – The Opening

MALOFIEJ 2011. This year they have again decided to give up on the print/online-categories and have put all participants in one mixed group


Malofiej19 (2011) – the program is ready

MALOFIEJ 2011. We’re getting really close to leaving for Spain, and so it is with great pleasure that I found my continuous clicking into fruitful at last. The program is ready.


Infographics Conference in March #2

The classic springtime infographic extravaganza known as Malofiej. It’s in Pamplona, and it starts out March 20th


A New Era in Infographics – don’t miss

If you haven’t already seen this incredibly well-produced and interesting video about the new infographics era, then it’s time for you to do so.


‘There are millions of clients out there’

You will even make your editor-in-chief happy, because he can sell your infographic services to clients in order to pay for the news


The official trailer for the Thomas Molén Show

His personal trailer – complete with deep voice-over and sound of choppers will be a classic in the Malofiej collective memory