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Young star has reintroduced the big graphics spread into newsmagazines

Fransesco Franchi is Art Director of IL Magazine and notes a lot of success for the big and information-heavy infographics


Álvaro Valiño from Publico – the leftist paper with an appetite for medals

The graphics department at the paper is made up of young people, who spend a lot of time working and they feel like a family there


President of the Jury: Why the amount of Malofiej gold medals was halved this year

Judges decided to seek out only the truly perfect graphics – and not to argue too much about the medals


The Graphics Editor from Hell – (if you’re a graphics consultant)

A man with no other loyalties than the standard of the work and with no mercy towards people going the easy way.


-‘I’m a visual junkie – an infographics Nerd’. Meet the best infographic artist in the world

Thomas Molén is open for all kind of different methods to tell the story


Make it online and wait a year to win the Malofiej Best of Show

What we have here is a graphic that has moved from bronze to Best of Show by going online and waiting a bit


Malofiej 18 Awards – the entire list with all medals in 2010

9 golds, 51 silver medals and 96 bronze medals


Malofiej ‘Best of show’ goes to a Swedish paper

Thomas Molén went ahead and made a very clean and elegant online-graphic, where you can see who voted for who in the European Song Contest


Hannah Fairfield speaks to the crowd

– ‘We’re inventors – we’re creators. And that’s the most important thing about what we do. And I think we should welcome failure every once in a while’


National Geographic makes the graphics noone else can afford

The creation of ‘Wilma the Neanderthal’ is just such a no-efforts-spared-project, which no other magazine in the world could produce. You can make your own guess about the expenses


Malofiej 18 – the official opening of the summit

What a crowd we are. I’m estimating that we’re close to 150 people participating in this years summit.


The future of magazines and infographics on iPad

Really rough sketches and ideas, but still a fantastic voyage into the future and the features


It’s snowing in Pamplona

Show this to your boss and family, who might suspect you went to Pamplona to live on infographics, red wine and sunshine all week


Workshops at Malofiej – ‘Show Don’t Tell’ and ‘Interact, Don’t Show’

They work hard and compete with each other to present the best or most innovative solution about visualizing the Chillida-leku Museum.


‘One of the worst graphics the New York Times have published – ever!’

It’s not personal taste – it is science, cognitive psychology, that tells us that the brain can’t handle overly complex graphics


Can a judging process be fair?

Every competition has its own system, and I guess every judge has their own ideas about how a perfect system should be.


Meet the judges at Malofiej 18

Put some faces to the judges of this years competition, while they listen to the rules of judging


Sports infographics – is it a dead category?

There is not much new thinking in a category, which traditionally draws a lot of entries.


Malofiej 18 sets a new record with entries – but is it truly global?

the input from different cultures into one global pot of infographics is what makes such a competition stand out.

The programme of Malofiej 18 is released

Adults only conference (graphics)

The big black keyhole on the front of the Malofiej Conference programme this year promises the audience some special views – some startling insights – some hidden secrets revealed at last?


Malofiej 18 is coming

We might get a party going, and it will be just awesome to meet up with you all


New York Times shows how you spent your time in 2008

In case you’ve forgot how you or your neighbour spent your hours last year, you can see it in this interactive


Experts choose their favourite graphic

21 graphics for the 21st century – 21 experts choose their favourite graphic


3D-mapping at Time Magazine

Ten years of maps at Time Magazine