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Malofiej ‘Best of show’ goes to a Swedish paper

Thomas Molén went ahead and made a very clean and elegant online-graphic, where you can see who voted for who in the European Song Contest


Hannah Fairfield speaks to the crowd

– ‘We’re inventors – we’re creators. And that’s the most important thing about what we do. And I think we should welcome failure every once in a while’


Malofiej 18 – the official opening of the summit

What a crowd we are. I’m estimating that we’re close to 150 people participating in this years summit.


Meet the judges at Malofiej 18

Put some faces to the judges of this years competition, while they listen to the rules of judging

The programme of Malofiej 18 is released

Adults only conference (graphics)

The big black keyhole on the front of the Malofiej Conference programme this year promises the audience some special views – some startling insights – some hidden secrets revealed at last?


Internal dispute in Society of News Design, SND, President resigns

Are you a member of Society for News Design? If you are, your President has just resigned. This is quite extraordinary


Experts choose their favourite graphic

21 graphics for the 21st century – 21 experts choose their favourite graphic


3D-mapping at Time Magazine

Ten years of maps at Time Magazine


Illustration and infographics

How to use illustration to enhance your concepts


Comics and infographics – Drawing as a journalistic language

Some infographic artists can actually draw – Fernando Rubio is one of them


Inspiration from art can influence your infographics

Broadening the concept of infographics


Ultimate list to the creation of infographics

This is the way we are and this is how we think. An X-ray of the Infographics Newsroom


Graphics showing the 9/11-attack

Have we really learned anything? A genuine horrorshow of graphics full of mistakes


Succes and frustration in the graphics department

An honest presentation by Jeff Goertzen about ten years working with graphics departments around the world


Different styles of infographics – what have we learned?

John Grimwade explores the lessons from the past ten years (1992 – 2002)