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Photo by 'Honda CB77 Restoration'

Technical challenges in running the site

At last it looks like I have got all malware cleaned, before it respawned. Phew.


David Macedo – Visual Member #200

There has to be tremendous power in being able to contact each other so easily


Getting close to 200 members in the visual community

It has been awfully quiet for a long time here at


Meet the judges at Malofiej 18

Put some faces to the judges of this years competition, while they listen to the rules of judging


Malofiej 18 is coming

We might get a party going, and it will be just awesome to meet up with you all

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There is a lot to choose from when somebody tells you to go to the website VisualJournalism.


Bring Your Own graphics and illustrations to

Did you notice the feature implemented on this site?

The Bayeux Tapestry is an inspiring piece of Visual Journalism - combining text and embroidery to tell the story of a war

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