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Clean up the world – make infographics


When you tidy up art, you'll end up with infographics? Photo: TED-Video

Sometimes the world are so chaotic, that a little tidying-up is in place.

When the Swiss comedian Ursus Wehrli decided to clean up pieces of art, he transformed the art into infographics …

Infographics are easier to understand. Infographics looks like you’re in control. Infographics are clean.

At least this holds true for the infographics in current fashion – generated by computers, consisting of geometric patterns.

I think it’s time to go look at some of the infographics produced a couple of years ago by Jaime Serra. He mixed the graphics and the arts in a way, so you couldn’t be sure what was what.

The presentation is well worth seeing for the presentation-technique too. If everyone perfomed like this, it would be even more joyful to go to a conference. Ursus is good on a stage, although his breath can be a bit heavy in the microphone. It’s 15 minutes, but you’ll get a several fun moments and some insights, so it’s recommended.