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David Macedo – Visual Member #200


We reached member #200 in the visual community faster than expected … Welcome to David Macedo. I just asked David a couple of questions, and I certainly couldn’t have guessed that Mr. #200 would be a Peruvian designer working in Dubai. Could you?

His answers sets my imagination on fire. We’re so many artists and other professionals from all over the globe struggling – and having fun – with the next infojob. Do we work the smartest way? There has to be tremendous power in being able to contact each other so easily, but I’m not sure it’s commonplace to do so. Hopefully the Visual Community is one step in that direction.

Anyway – on to Davids answers:

I’m Peruvian and a graphic designer. I arrived in Dubai August 10th to work for the newspaper ‘Al Bayan’. It’s a government media and part of the Arab Media Incorporated, which besides radio and TV channels also has two more newspapers, ‘Emarat Al Youm’ and ‘Emirates Business 24|7′.

I left my job back in Peru, because I saw this job-offer as a big opportunity and a big challenge. The opportunity arose as a good friend of mine, Liz Ramos, together with her husband, Luis Chumpitaz, already work here as excellent designers. Me and two other Peruvians, Karina and German, and William from El Salvador now work here in the infographics department to implement the interactive area for the online version of Al Bayan. The newspaper is in Arabic only, but the print and interactive infographics are also made available in English.
On a daily basis I do, what I know the best: Web design, illustration and most important, getting good quality in any project.
The interactive infographics area is a bit new for our paper, but we already have two examples of work to show you:



Both pieces are about Formula 1 – and we focus of course on the last race of the year, which takes place in Abu Dhabi, and the attraction made for this event in Yas Marina Island.

I’m happy with joining VisualJournalism, as I find this site to have very interesting posts and articles. The one I enjoyed the most is probably the one where Javier Zarracina talks about Infographic and Comics, because of the comparisons he makes between both design languages.

In general I like graphic design that are clean and has a good use of typography. I also like to view illustrations, cartoons and animation.

– Thanks to David Macedo for taking the time to answer a few questions and letting us in on two of their projects. Keep on thinking about the global perspective of our business …