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Details about the Malofiej19 Golden Graphics in Print

Why did they choose exactly these five graphics to shine above the rest of the 1000+ entries?

The judges always get a chance to motivate why they awarded their select few graphics with a golden medal. Here you can see all of the graphics in the print-categories, and at the same time listen to one of the judges speaking in a minute or two on behalf of rest of the jury.

When you’ve seen this video, you’ll realize that the judges this year were really into white paper. Or you could call it very tight editing. The less you had put in your graphic – the bigger your chance for a gold medal. Here are the comments for each of the five winners:

  • Shows lots of constraint – No country borders to block the view
  • Sheer clarity – Doesn’t add too much
  • Extreme functionality – Very tidy
  • Effective with what was on the map, and what was left off
  • Less is more – Reducing without losing