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Experts choose their favourite graphic

javiererreaMalofiej 2002: Javier Errea had collected the results of the survey between the 21 experts. Obviously they couldn’t agree on the ‘best graphic’ although Minard’s Napoleon map got two votes.
However, the most successful artist might be Nigel Holmes, who was selected three times.

Below are all the results. Regrettably without the graphics. (- hey, there has to be advantages to show up at the actual conference, eh?)




Michael Agar, The Observer, UK

IRA Attack on No. 10

Phil Green, The Sunday Telegraph, 10/2 1991

Ricardo Bermejo, Bermejo Communicacíon, Spain

The Fate of Napoleon’s Army in Russia, 1812-13

Charles Minard, 1869

Juan Antonio Giner, Innovation International Media Consulting Group, USA

Bush vs Clinton, US Presidential Election

Nigel Holmes, Time Magazine, 1992

Jeff Goertzen, St. Petersburg Times, USA

The Weather map

George Rorick, USA Today 1982

Phil Green, The Sunday Telegraph, UK

Evolution of the Earth

Ned M. Seidler, National Geographic, August 1985

John Grimwade, Condé Nast Traveler Magazine, USA

New York Axonometric Map

Anderson, August 1985

Karl Gude, Newsweek, USA


Leonardo da Vinci, 16th Century

Nigel Holmes, Visual Explanations, USA

London Underground Map from 1932, (1945 version)

Harry Beck

Lucy Lacava, Consultant, Canada

Breitling Emergency Watch: How it works

Frank O’Connell, The New York Times, 2000

Joe Lertola, Time Magazine, USA

Underground – looking into the earth

Ned M. Seidler, National Geographic, 1985

Duncan Mil, Graphic News, UK

Diamonds were a girl’s best friend

Nigel Holmes, Time, 1983

Ole Munk, Ribergaard & Munk, Denmark

A prostitute has been murdered

Erling Nederland, Politiken, 1974

Corrie Parsonson, Reuters News Graphicss Service, UK

Cholera epidemic map in London

John Snow, 1854

Gonzalo Peltzer, El Territorio, Argentina

Soro’s properties

Jaime Serra, Clarin, 1997

George Rorick, The Poynter Institute, USA

The Fate of Napoleon’s Army in Russia, 1812-13

Charles Minard, 1869

Jaime Serra, Spain

Manual of instructions for assembling

Marcel Duchamp, 1966

Jan Schwochow, Max Magazine, Germany

A Monumental Challenge

W. Pitzer, The Charlotte Observer

Geoffrey Sims, The Times, UK

Train Diagram and others

L. Ashwell Wood, Eagle, 1950-1969

Leo Tavejnhansky, O Globo, Brazil


Nigel Holmes, US Airways magazine

Miguel Urabayen, University of Navarra

Europe at the frontier of World War 2

Richard Edes Harrison, Fortune, 1938

Juan Velasco, The New York Times, USA

A clock


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