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Famous Picasso-painting, Guernica, as a 3D-model

It’s an almost blasphemous thought. How about taking one of the most famous paintings in the history and recreate it as a 3D-sculpture? Can’t be done – it’ll only end up as a degradation and destroy the piece of Art. But … Surprisingly, it works very well.


The 3D-artist Lena Gieseke is surely leaning on the fame of Picasso with her provocative work, but she does it with style.

When she explains her concept, she says that she wants to explore the painting in deeper detail and provide new insights between the spatial elements.

A profound live experience

When I saw Guernica ‘live’ in Madrid it was a very profound experience – it’s very big (3,5m x 7,8 m) and the museum is dedicated just to that single one painting.

picassoguernicaLooking at the 3D-visualization is no way as interesting as the live experience, but it beats the small 2D-version any time. I wouldn’t spend 3 minutes looking at the little one here, but I think it’s worth it to look at the 3D-version and listen to the beautiful cello-music for a couple of minutes.