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Getting close to 200 members in the visual community

It has been awfully quiet for a long time here at Mostly because a hectic upstart of my own company has taken away a lot of the spare time I used to put into writing for VisualJournalism. I haven’t stopped thinking about graphics though – on the contrary.

This weekend I was asked to give a presentation about ‘Infographics – State of the Art’ for the Danish Union of Journalists at the big bi-annual conference ‘Festival of the Trade’ with 1000 participants. And as always – doing this kind of assignments brings a lot of energy and a renewed desire to share.

I also still see readers visiting in good numbers – and even signing in with their facebook-profile to be able to comment on the topics and have their picture shown in the right side of the screen. The number of members in ‘the visual community’, as it was coined, is now rapidly approaching 200 – Two Hundred people.

This is magnificient! – When we actually reach that number 200, I’ll promise to get back into writing here at VisualJournalism, – and hopefully we’ll get that number up even higher later on, so we get the opportunity to learn from a bigger crowd. The 200-logo is a bit in advance, but what the … – it’s up.