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Graphic News in London celebrated their 20th anniversary in style

ALMOST OUT OF the blue came an invitation to what looked like a very interesting day in London. Graphic News – the bureau, which most news artists in the world will know – was about to celebrate their 20th anniversary and had conceived the brilliant idea to do so with a conference. It’s easy to go to London from almost everywhere in the world – so why I have never attended a conference in the city must be more my fault than the lack of opportunities.

Well – this was the opportunity I wasn’t going to miss. And especially as Duncan, Fiona, Phil, Jane and the rest of the wonderful Graphic News team had put together an event that turned out to be very much worth it. Upon arrival I was impressed with the number of attendees to such a firm-based event. I didn’t count us all, but would estimate 70-80 in the room. Starting out with Duncan Mil giving a ‘State of the Graphics World’-talk, we moved on to other subjects – a bit heavy on technical stuff from time to time, but interesting as long as the coders in the front row didn’t start to argue with each other about the advantages of different technologies.

The day ended with an invention to the usual conference-format, as the guests had been invited to each share their work and interests in a very short presentation. Ten presentaions in one hour and a half … A lot of fun to be in, watch and learn from. I think such a session would add to the interest of every conference, I’ve attended so far. The format covers a lot of topics and gives a lot of input to the all-important networking events afterwards.

Being London the evening event took place at a very dignified location, Stationers Hall, with a history I got the impression went back several centuries. Luckily I had my plane scheduled for next days afternoon and so didn’t have to stop the eager waiters in topping up the champagne and wine all the time 😉

It was a fine birthday party. Maybe Graphic News should think of celebrating their anniversaries more often than every 20th year?

Foto by Luis Chumpitaz who has more photos on his facebook-page.