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– 1% of the news in infographics …

Infographic lessons from the Society of News Design in Buenos Aires


At SND’s own update-site it was summed up what took place in Buenos Aires in september. Not too much apparently? Or at least nothing groundbreaking. I wasn’t there, so I’ll have to take their word for it.

‘Keep it simple’ said Nigel Holmes, ‘Use a pencil’ said Kris Viesselmann, ‘Focus on the content’ Karl Gude said, ‘Keep it simple’ said Alberto Cairo again and added – ‘Think like a reader’.

Funny enough Luiz Iria jumped right in there on the readers side with his presentation about super-realistic graphics: ‘The best graphics are those firmly grounded in reality. The more realistic the setting of the graphic, the easier it is for the reader to dive in and connect to the information’.

Bravo, Luiz!

The videos from Buenos Aires – unfortunately all the presentations are translated into spanish – even the ‘english versions’ tabbed with the word ‘videos’ as opposite to ‘vivo’. Well, it only gives me more incentive to finally learn the spanish language – I have procrastinated that learn-to-speak-spanish project for years and years.

The Flickr-show from Buenos Aires: (warning – for some reason the flickr-feed contains pictures of James de Vries covered in text 100 times over)