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Infographics Conference in March #1

Time is closing in on the Infographics Congress, IC11, in the Netherlands. It takes place Friday March 4th in the town Zeist close to Amsterdam.

I haven’t had the pleasure to attend the conference before, so I am really delighted to have been invited as keynote-speaker this year. The theme for the conference is ‘Inside Infographics’ – and the programme can be found here:

The reason for me being invited is probably my now renowned presentations from the days, when I was the graphics editor at the Danish tabloid, Ekstra Bladet. We did some early experiments with bringing emotions into our graphics – and put emphasis on telling the story in full 3D. Some people in the infographics industry didn’t agree with that approach, so it sometimes turned lively in the Q&A afterwards. I still believe we should praise the emotional approach to graphics, but there will be a few other insights and rants included as well 😉

I’ll look forward to see what the other speakers will present. Luckily we’re talking visuals, as I guess I’ll be in a bit of trouble with the Dutch language,  although I certainly love the sound of it.

As you can see, it’s going to be a pretty intense day there – six hours of presentations followed by a award show for the best infographics in print and online produced in the Netherlands last year.