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Infographics Conference in March #2

The next conference to look for in March – after the IC11 in the Netherlands – will be the classic springtime infographic extravaganza known as Malofiej. It’s in Pamplona, and it starts out March 20th with the workshops and ends March 25th with the gala dinner-awardshow.

Workshops are consistently drawing good reviews from the artists, who attend the three days of infographic exercises. No wonder, when you look at the instructors there: John Grimwade, Juan Velasco, Geoff McGee and Alberto Cairo.

You can see the program of the entire Malofiej here:  Pdf in english – as has become standard practise, the brochure doesn’t tell you too much in advance, so you really have to rely on the people, who has been at Malofiej in the previous years. Ask around – I’m sure you’ll hear, that it will be hard to find something better to attend if you’re into infographics.

This year even has a few celebrities among the judges/speakers:

David McCandless will probably show us some beautiful information. (Not the Jimmy-appeal-graphic I hope). Stephen Few could tell about his projects at Perceptual Edge or the book ‘Now you see it’. Chiqui Esteban from the InfographicsNews-blog and will be there to present also.

You will also get the chance to meet Jorge Cortés from Chile. He and his colleagues is without doubt the most copied artists in 2010, after iterations of their work from the Chilean mine-accident got spread all over the world.

Chiqui Esteban has a full list (with mugshots too) in his blog