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Make it online and wait a year to win the Malofiej Best of Show

The Malofiej yearbook 17, which was officially released Wednesday is a beautiful book and full of inspiration. And on the page 154, I found this picture.


The Swedish paper, Svenska Dagbladet, won a bronze medal for this entry last year – it’s a spread that includes the 2008 printed version of the graphic, which has just been celebrated as ‘Best of Show’ this year.

So what we have here is a graphic that has moved from bronze to Best of Show by going online and waiting a bit. ‘What’s Another Year’ as the famous Eurovision winner, Johnny Logan, probably would have said. But honestly it doesn’t look too good.

I certainly acknowledge the difference between the printed version and the online version – and of course the slightly changed pattern, as the countries voted a bit different in 2007. But is this enough of a change to make it into ‘Best of Show’?