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Malofiej 18 sets a new record with entries – but is it truly global?


In a recent press release the number of entries to this year edition of Malofiej were said to be 1439, but rumors on-site tell, that we’re more than likely closing in on 1500 entries.

Anyway, that’s a lot of entries – even if some of them is really the same graphic entered in multiple categories.

Papers are limiting themselves to only one competition
But where did the U.S. papers go? Well, New York Times is present as ever – they better be after cleaning the table last year. But what about Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times etc.? They won awards at the recent SND Awards, but apparently they have decided to limit themselves to only one competition and stay away from Malofiej?

The other way around I hear that some of the South American and European papers didn’t make it to send in entries for SND awards. Are we seeing a divide in the two global competitions? If we are, someone better make sure to stop it, as the input from different cultures into one global pot of infographics is what makes these competitions stand out.

I’m going to make an effort to get some explanations to this phenomenon in the week to come.