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Malofiej 18 – the official opening of the summit

Despite the snow covering the city of Pamplona in a white dress, we all made it to the Palacio Condestable, where we were welcomed by the usual bunch of official people: Javier Errea, Organizer of Malofiej, Kris Viesselman – President of SND, Mónica Herrero, Dean of the University and Fermín Alonso from Pamplona City Council.

And what a crowd we are. I’m estimating (and Javier Errea did the same) that we’re close to 150 people participating in this years summit. Not the absolute record, but a very good attendance given that the financial crisis isn’t exactly over yet.

A few snacks, a glass of red wine and a lot of ‘hello – nice to see you’s later, we were off and heading for the Jumping Jester, – the almost official meeting place / bar for everyone participating in Malofiej.