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Malofiej 26 – the year the women took over the stage

A few questions are sometimes asked around the fact, that the Malofiej Infographic conference has historically been dominated by male speakers. Then the next year you might see more female speakers and then the next year you see fewer again – nothing really changes. Until this year … Time was up …

The programme had 10 confirmed female speakers and 8 male speakers. One speaker had to cancel her appearance and was replaced by another instructor and so we ended up with precisely 9 speakers of each gender. And the conference was all the better for it.

Especially the first day where Karin Schwandt from the Netherlands made an amazing appearance with her courageous, honest and very personal story about finding the true meaning in her infographic work – even if it meant she had to fire all her employees and shut down her studio for a while. Karins speech was not only interesting – it was also extremely well prepared.

That speech took the top honours in the traditional ‘Rate the Presenters’, which is carried out by the Danish participants every year.

Results is seen below – the dataset was transformed into a couple of different visualizations on the day after the conference under the limitation to produce the piece in no more than two hours of work: