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Malofiej ‘Best of show’ goes to a Swedish paper


Noone really saw that coming. The Peter Sullivan Award (Best of Show) went to Svenska Dagbladet for their lighthearted online-entry, which investigates if certain rumours about the European Song Contest were really true.

Speculations had been raised in the Western media, whether or not the Eastern European countries just voted for themselves – even the expression ‘Eastern European Song Mafia’ was coined just after the competition in 2008, which Russia won.

The infographic artist Thomas MolĂ©n set out to prove the theory right or false. And according to the data the rumour was indeed true. So Thomas went ahead and made a very clean and elegant online-graphic, where you can see who voted for who – the perhaps most funny thing is, that the graphic clearly shows that the East was no more mafia-like than the West.

You can see the graphic live if you click it above – it’s in swedish of course, but you’ll get an idea. The headline says: ‘How Europe voted in the Eurovision Song Contest 2008′

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