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Malofiej Workshop – The Opening

23 participants from 12 countries. Almost without advertising Malofiej has done it once more: Managed to assemble a workshop with four world-class instructors and enough of people eager to learn in the ‘Show, Don’t tell’ (print) and ‘Interact, Don’t tell’ (online)-workshops.

This year they have decided to give up on the categories and put all participants in one mixed group – As I heard it, too few (4) wanted to attend the online/tablet-workshop, but the decision was made before they had the numbers in. The idea being that everyone should know about the new online-tools anyway. So now all the 5 groups have been assigned the task of coming up with concepts for print, online and tablet-graphics.

The subject is infographics about a famous winery, Marqués de Riscal, which has a hotel at the premises built by Frank Gehry. It’s a quite spectacular building, so a few of the groups might want to concentrate on that rather than the wineproduction itself.

At the welcome-reception, Malofiej-organizer Javier Errea gave a quick welcome, and then let the instructors introduce themselves. John Grimwade – Condé Nast, Alberto Cairo – O Globo, Juan Velasco – National Geographic and Geoff McGhee, Stanford University.

Afterwards it was time to mingle a bit and get a few of the snacks to go with the Navarra wine or a beer.