Malofiej-week is here

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Malofiej 18 is coming


A temperature scan from an airport is used as pictorial element for Malofiej 18. A realtime infographic being put to good use?

It’s time to meet up in Spain again. Even as many places around the globe are freezing and having a winter much colder than normal, you really should start to think of Pamplona in the spring: Malofiej is just around the corner.

As usual it’s very hard to gain much knowledge about the upcoming programme. The organizers behind the event isn’t exactly known for going public too early with such information. On the other hand they are known for putting together the best event year after year, so my advice will be to show some faith and book the hotel and plane while air-tickets are priced low.

VisualJournalism will cover the event for a whole week

I have just made my travelarrangements, so I can promise that will be dedicated to Malofiej in the second week of march. The event is the most influential event available when it comes to infographics and vsiual journalism, and I will bring you as much as I can online, if you simply can’t be there in person.

But if you’re going too, then feel free to respond here. We might get a party going, and it will be just awesome to meet up with you all. Not least those of you who has ventured forth and joined the visualjournalism-community via your Facebook-profile.

Oh – and don’t forget to send in your entries, so everyone will have a chance to see what you think is your best work from 2009. Deadline is Feb. 5th – and the entryform can be found here: