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Meet the judges at Malofiej 18

A quick videoshot to put some faces on the judges engaging in deep thoughts as the rules of the competition is being explained to them.

List of appearance:

1: Manuel Canales, Coordinator of computer graphics at La Nacion, Costa Rica

2: Hannah Fairfield, Graphics Editor, New York Times

3: Alejandro Rojas, Social communicator, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana (online-judge)

4: Ivan Kemp, Graphics Editor at Sábado magazine

5: Stefan Fichtel, Creative Director at Kircher-Burkhardt

6: Kaitlin Yarnall, Senior Research Editor at National Geographic Maps,

7: Thomas Molén, Visual Journalist at Svenska Dagbladet

8: Connie Malamed, Author of ‘Visual Language For Designers: Creating Graphics That People Understand’ (online-judge)

9: Scott Byrne-Fraser, Creative Director at BBC Future Media and Technology (online-judge)

10: Svetlana Maximchenko, Editor-in-chief of Akzia newspaper (President of the Jury)

11: Francesco Franchi, Visual Information Designer at Il Sole 24 Ore

12: Álvaro Valiño, Graphics Director at Público