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Swine flu explained in graphics – collection

piggyWhen a story like the Swine Flu breks, it’s natural to look for graphics to help explain the facts. But how to tell this story in graphics?

I think the graphic agencies have put out some explainers that seems to have decided how the rest of the media covered the story so far,  – and I’ll be honest to say, that I haven’t really learned something new from them. They mostly look like it’s the Bird Flu-graphics reappearing with a new headline and a new animal in silhouette.

I’ll try something new here and invite everyone to participate with the examples. Simply click the ‘Add Graphic’-line underneath, and upload a flu-graphic right into the gallery below. It would be great to have all kind of flu-graphics to learn from, so don’t hold back …

If we succeed and end up with a collection, we’ll probably start to discuss the graphics too.