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The barchart that doesn’t explain anything and isn’t news

If I tried to sell this line-up of data obtained between 1989 and 2009 to explain what takes place in 2011, I would get kicked some place nonpleasant.


The World Reduced To Infographics – review

It’s David McCandless Light, the obvious spin-off to Information is Beautiful, – not as well-designed, not as important


Exoplanet Atlas full of errors

Three designers and three researchers worked on the project for nine months doing 26 drafts, and yet it takes only a very simple check-up to realize, that this Atlas is not to be trusted


Infographics Conference in March #2

The classic springtime infographic extravaganza known as Malofiej. It’s in Pamplona, and it starts out March 20th


Another beautiful infographic with glaring errors goes viral

Three errors and a weird round-off separates this graphic from being, what it claims to be: ‘The Science behind Wikipedia’s Jimmy Appeal’