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Malofiej 26 – the year the women took over the stage

The Malofiej Infographic conference has historically been dominated by male speakers. Then one year you might see more female speakers and then the next year you see fewer again – nothing really changes. Until this year … Time was up …

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Malofiej 2013 – Quality of Speaking

This year saw an impressive line-up of speakers with a lot of interesting things to show and talk about.


Meet the judges at Malofiej 18

Put some faces to the judges of this years competition, while they listen to the rules of judging


Comics and infographics – Drawing as a journalistic language

Some infographic artists can actually draw – Fernando Rubio is one of them


Inspiration from art can influence your infographics

Broadening the concept of infographics


The cool Malofiej-poster went on the floor

The Transit Map was mysteriously rearranged before hitting the floor at the conference


Photostream from Malofiej17

Watch the Flickr-stream from Michael Stoll as the ‘Oscars’ of the infographics is taking place in Spain.