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I have decided to no longer facilitate comments on this site. The ratio for valid comments compared to spam must be around 1:2000 (really - not kidding!). - Gert K Nielsen, Admin

– 1% of the news in infographics …

Technical challenges in running the site

You might have noticed some technical errors at this site recently (the last few months). It appears that an automated javascript-virus had taken hold inside some of the index-files, which serves the content. As soon as I had it cleaned out on one site, it randomly appeared on another site on the server. And so the story continued … For the user it will show up as a single code line with errors in the php, when you try to enter the site – alternatively you would get a virus-warning and be blocked out by your browser.

At last it looks like I have got them all cleaned, before it respawned. Phew.

Also, I have tried to install a cache-system, to serve the pages faster. Today I realized, that the W3 Total Cache is almost incompatible with some of the other plug-ins – most notably the facebook connector. So if you have tried to sign in with your facebook-account it probably would not work. I have disabled the W3 total cache – so we can get the visual community growing again. Please try to sign up again – and if you have comments on some of the topics, please don’t hold back.

There have also been issues with the rss-feeds. While it worked perfectly with Firefox, it didn’t make it in Internet Explorer. Chrome still won’t take it directly into your rss-reader. I think it’s working as good as it can for now.

Lastly the wordpress-installation has been upgraded to version 3 – which caused another round of problems with some plugins and widgets. But the update should make it easier to avoid the javascript-malware in the future. Fingers crossed.