Malofiej-week is here

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The cool Malofiej-poster went on the floor


Again I found my name at the purple line, but this time with new neighbours? Photo: Prof. Michael Stoll / Flickr

When I saw the programme for Malofiej17 made up as a transport map with names. locations and media for stations, I thought it looked pretty cool. Of course I started to look for my own name in the poster – and luckily for my sense of ego  😉 I found myself on the purple line – just across the water.

Now I look at the Flickr-stream from Malofiej, and I see that the idea has been taken a step further, so the floor at the University-building is actually covered with coloured lines and names. Very funny – and it would even make it possible for every attendee to find the name of their favorite guru and step hard on them, if they so desired …

Again I have succeeded in finding my name – just like everyone zooms in on their own home, when they try googlemap the first time. It gives you a certain feeling of safety to see, that you’re somehow present.

But wait – the stations have changed in the floor-layout compared with the original transit map? I wonder what has happened? Was the rearranging of names purely for practical reasons – or do I sense a hidden agenda? And which line went to the toilet?

Questions, questions – I just knew I should have made sure to attend Malofiej this year.