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The future of magazines and infographics on iPad

John Grimwade showed us something brand new: The future of Condé Nast Traveler on the iPad.

(As long as the development goes on, I’ve agreed to not show the visuals from this presentation – but thanks for letting us into the lab. It’s certainly a benefit of going to Malofiej, that you sometimes see stuff not released yet.)

Mostly rough sketches and ideas, but still a fantastic voyage into the future and the features, which look very interesting:

Pictures comes to life while you read the magazine
Photographers will be commissioned to shoot hi-res video, when they go out to take pictures – so in the ipad-version of the magazine, you can suddenly see the pictures come alive. It will be a huge investment, but the browsing of your magazine where every infographic, photo and other content will be merged together will be such a deep experience, that the iPad has already been hailed as the saviour of ‘print’ -magazines and newspapers alike.

Advertisers will also get to take part in the fun, so they can deliver pack-shots, which can be rotated at will and deliver whatever extra information the prospective customer could want.

Take me there
‘Take me there’ – is another feature, where you in the middle of a story can just touch – or maybe just say – ‘Take me there’ and instantly you’ll be shown a zoomable 360 degrees giga-pixel image, so you can see and explore the exact area where the story is taking place.

– ‘This is the world in which infographics will have to live’ says John Grimwade, and he continues: ‘The days of the pure print infographics are definitely numbered’. The last statement is not without a wry smile, as he counts himself among the old generation.