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The programme is ready for Malofiej 20

The year 2012 has something special brewing for the Malofiej Infographics Conference in Pamplona. It’s the twentieth anniversary, and perhaps that is why the programme is released exceptionally early. We’re just in February, and already now you can see, what you’re going to take part in, if you decide to go to the ‘Fiesta Infografistas’. I think it will be a record attendance this year.

Let’s have a look at the actual programme then:

First – it’s a great lineup of excellent speakers. You will meet the experienced gurus like Nigel Holmes, John Grimwade, Alberto Cairo and Mario Tascon … And it’s indeed vital for a conference like M20 to have presenters , who you know for sure will deliver a solid presentation.

Second – datavisualization is persistently taking over the infographics scene and now it’s edging its way into the speakers list as well. Big dataviz-names like Moritz Stefaner, Andy Kirk, Simon Rogers, Robert Kosara and Andrew Vande Moere will cover this sub-discipline extensively I guess.

Third – People designing and doing infographics at the same time always brings some fresh perspective on things. Welcome to Carl de Torres and Sheila Pontis.

Fourth – Maps and cartography is a discipline which everyone dabbles in, but only a few masters. Good to see The National Geographic and NY Times represented by Virginia Mason and Matthew Bloch in this field.

Fifth – Crossborder-talks where you really don’t know what to expect. It can be the best or it can miss the mark. With Jaime Serra and Gonzalo Peltzer the chances of success is quite high.

Sixth – Showing off your own work sounds as the easiest topic, but in reality it’s one of the hardest to actually present and deliver with value for the audience. 40 minutes of ‘I did this and I did this’ simply is 20 minutes too much. Still – I really look forward to see the work of Bryan Christie and Sergio Pecanha. Bryan Christie has been a personal inspiration for me with his work. The idea with two presenters, Anne Gerdes and Nora Coenenberg, from Die Zeit might make their session quite enjoyable too.

Seventh – I’ll be on the lookout for some ‘old-fashioned?’ Breaking News infographics explaining current events. They might hide somewhere inside the talks.

You can find the entire programme as a pdf-file right here