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The World Reduced To Infographics – review

CAN INFOGRAPHICS BE funny? -Absolutely!

I even think it’s on the rise to be funny with the use of infographics. In Denmark some crazy comedians have just partnered up with a major newspaper to launch a funny site, where they feature a section with Truth Facts.

And yesterday I received this book as prerelease for review. ‘The World Reduced To Infographics’. I don’t get the title, but I’m interested in any book that holds ‘infographics’ in its title.

But let’s look into the content. I really like these sentences from the foreword: ‘The infographic is the Trojan horse of pedagogy. A stealth bomber with an explosive payload of pure data. A wet willy of knowledge inserted into the eager ear.‘ We’re obviously not talking the next Tufte here.

This old Periodic Table is the most funny infographic in the book:


A lot of pages wil make you smile a bit, but considering they market the book as a book of infographics, I’m a bit disappointed with the level of graphics. The book has two authors – and the graphic artist is not one of them. And that is most likely the problem. Most of the jokes in the book are not visual in nature – the infographic treatment is often reduced to cutting up text in small chunks and design them well on the page.

The artist is credited on page 2 – just under the editor and the proofreader. His name is Marek Haidu, and from what I can see on his homepage, he is mostly an illustrator working with collages. That will explain why they have used clip-arts for the graphics and gives credit to Shutterstock too.

After browsing the book, I’ll give it a 5/10 because it doesn’t pretend to be something it’s not. I recommend it for a quick and mostly funny experience, where the words are better than the graphics.

It’s David McCandless Light, the obvious spin-off to Information is Beautiful, – not as well-designed, not as important, but it sells for 15 dollars, and in its own words will fit snugly on the top of your toilet tank.

Where will the book go after you have read it? You’ll probably pass it on – and if the next few owners also read it on the toilet, it might be a bad idea to be third or fourth in line to receive it for free …

The book will be available at Amazon here