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This is the greatest and best artist and infographic in the world – Tribute.

The organizers behind the Malofiej-conference has a special idea for the 20th anniversary. They want to honor the two of the most important aspects of the infographics field: ‘The artist’ and ‘The Product’.

The challenge: Who is the best infographic artist of the last two decades? And which infographic is the best in the last 20 years?

Best infographic artist is probably the easiest to form an opinion about. The description states that you should select the most influential artist – one who has been a constant inspiration to you in your career. Like me, you probably have a few infographic heroes to choose from. The deadline has been extended to March 1st, even if the website says Feb 1st, so just hurry up. Here is a list of 14 names to get you started: Nigel Holmes, Fernando Rubio, Javier Zarracina, Fernando Baptista, Edward Tufte, Mario Tascon, John Grimwade, Alberto Cairo, Jan Schwochow, Duncan Mil, Jeff Goertzen, Juan Velasco, Joe Lertola, Peter Sullivan. Yes, I have made my choice and nomination.

Best infographic – Hmm, in 20 years from all over the world, you certainly have a lot of great material to choose from. A bit overwhelming in fact. You’ll also have to hunt the graphic down yourself and send it in to get it nominated. But you’re in luck if your favoured work has received an Malofiej Award, as they already have an archive of all the medal-winners. Like with the artists this deadline has also been extended to March 1st, and this category really need more nominations. I can only recommend to try to dig out some of the old jewels. – Or if you think the conference needs to concentrate on the future more than celebrate the past, then just send in some new work, which you believe will set the path for the next 20 years to come.

Read more and send in your proposals here at the dedicated website

Best Artist

Best Infographic