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Total Eclipse of the Heart – the flowchart

It’s a good thing when interests are combined into something new. Apparently Jeannie – a 20-year old girl born in Tokyo, but living in Boston shares my healthy interests in infographics and great music from the 80’s.

She made a flowchart helping out with the song ‘Total Eclipse of The Heart’ – the monster hit released by Bonnie Tyler back in 1983. Bright Eyyees. You know it.

Now – that song is partly responsible for the life I have today 😉  A long story but it includes the chivalrous lovelife of a 15-year old boy and an unexpected reunion 10 years later, so I’ll pay extra attention to any graphical representation of it.


It’s my first flowchart of a song – funny idea btw.  I guess the lyrics of this song is especially well suited for the flowcharting because of all the repetitions of lines and the interweaving of the distinct male voice and Bonnies rough voice singing together.

Have a look at the flowchart while listening to the song – it actually works.

But- it’s probably only meant as a visual statement and a graphics teaser by Jeannie – not a extensive content chart – so as soon as the song starts getting a bit more complicated, there’s no more flowchart. Sob – we don’t get the ‘Forever’s gonna start tonight’ in context. A shame. But surely it is important to decide when there’s enough content in your graphics, and wisely Jeannie stopped when it would probably lead to utter confusion to add more content. I do think she should have put in a short explanation that the main part of the lyrics is missing however.

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