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Ultimate list to the creation of infographics

davidoleMalofiej 2002: David Gray and Ole Munk had written a list of 19 items, they would presume everybody in the room already knew about infographics.

Just to be sure they ran through the list and had examples to each point. People were taking notes, so obviously not all in the audience had the list present in their head.

Here are the list:
1. Keep it simple. (The polite version of KISS: Keep it Simple, stupid)
2. Use appropriate metaphors.
3. Use all your tools.
4. Do we really need a graphic?
5. What do you want to say?
6. Edit …
7. Be accurate.
8. Make it human.
9. Have fun.
10. Make visible the invisble.
11. No more boys toys, please.
12. Provide variety.
13. Tell a story.
14. Use contrast.
15. Be graphically literate.
16. Provide context ( – even if it means you need to run the graphic for consecutive days as the story develop)
17. Organize.
18. Design pages, not just graphics.
19. Innovate.

(This article was first published in 2002 in the former version of